Sand Hollow State Park is located in southwestern Utah near the city of Hurricane. It is known for its red sand beaches, stunning red rock landscapes, and a large 1,322-acre lake. OHV/ATV riders are drawn to the park for its expansive sand dunes and challenging trails. We visited the park and rode our ATV on the dunes and trails for a fabulous time!

Sand Hollow reservoir from ATV
View of Sand Hollow Reservoir from the OHV area

ATV/OHV Trails

Sand Hollow State Park and the nearby BLM Sand Mountain Open OHV Area provide over 62,000 acres of technical trails and sand dunes.

OHVs in red sand
Red sand dunes at OHV area

The scenery is very diverse, with rock outcroppings as well as sand dunes.

Red rock outcroppings at Sand Hollow
Rock outcroppings at Sand Hollow State Park OHV area

Sand Hollow State Park alone provides over 15,000 acres of red sand dunes ready for ATV riding.

Utah rocky terrain with red rocks
Scenery at OHV riding area

The BLM map of the Sand Mountain Open OHV Area is below. It shows the outline of the Sand Hollow State Park, as well as the BLM area where you can also ride ATVs.

BLM Map of sand mountain open ohv area
BLM map of Sand Mountain Open OHV Area

The terrain offers a mix of soft red sand and rocky outcrops, providing varying difficulty levels for riders of all skills. There are trails of all sorts.

red rocks and sand for ohv riding
Beautiful red sand and rocks

You can stay on the sandy areas, ride the dunes, or take more advanced and technical trails.

Red desert view
View out into the desert at Sand Hollow OHV area

The “Sand Hollow Trails” parking area (see below) has maps, as well as a list of trails by difficulty level.

List of trails and ratings at Sand Hollow OHV area
List of trails at Sand Hollow OHV Area

Where We Rode at Sand Hollow

I’ll be honest. I have absolutely no idea which trails we were on. We used the lake as a landmark to know where we were in relation to the trails.

We explored all over the place. The panoramic view below shows how diverse the terrain is.

YouTube video

The reservoir was usually in our view from the OHV area, so it was relatively easy to not get lost.

view of sand hollow reservoir from ohv area
View of the Sand Hollow Reservoir and mountains in the background

We were primarily taking in the sights, rather than dare-devil riding. The scenery was gorgeous.

large red rocks framing desert scene
A nicely framed view of the desert
sandy and rocky trails through desert
Red rocks, sand, and more red rocks and sand

There were plenty of experienced riders doing all sorts of rock crawls, etc, but we were taking a leisurely approach to seeing the OHV area.

The video below shows our perspective as we drove around on our ATV.

YouTube video

This balanced rock was one of many that we saw.

large balancing red rock in utah
Balancing rock in Utah desert

We made it to the highest point in the Sand Hollow OHV riding area. People have put all sorts of directional signs here. It’s a neat sight.

Pole with lots of different handmade signs
Signs at highest point at Sand Hollow OHV Area

The panoramic view from here was incredible.

YouTube video

RC Truck

We watched these guys for a while. They were driving an RC (radio-controlled) truck all over the place. It was crazy fast. That is, until it wrecked.

YouTube video

Environmental Concerns

Riders are encouraged to stick to designated trails to prevent damage to the fragile desert ecosystem.

Desert at Sand Hollow
Desert landscape
Cactus in desert at sand hollow
Cactus growing in the desert

This includes areas where you’re going to want to stick to the trails, as there are cacti growing all over the place.

a prickly cactus in red sand
Prickly cactus

Permit and Other Requirements for Sand Hollow

In Utah, operating an OHV requires adherence to specific registration and permitting laws.


All OHVs must be registered with the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles if they are to be operated on public land or trails. This includes ATVs, UTVs, and dirt bikes. An exception is made for non-residents of Utah.

sand hollow red rock views
Red rocks at Sand Hollow State Park

Non-Utah Resident Requirements

Non-residents who want to use their OHVs in Utah must obtain a non-resident permit.

large open red sand area with OHV tracks
Open area for OHV playing

Decal Display

Once registered, an OHV must display a current registration sticker. This sticker serves as proof that the OHV registration fee has been paid.

Driver Education Course

Utah mandates that all OHV operators (including visitors from out-of-state) must finish the Utah Off-Highway Vehicle Education Course. Riders under 18 need a youth OHV education certificate, while those 18 and older must have an adult OHV education certificate to operate OHVs. You can take the education course here.

I took the morning we rode, so it’s not too time consuming or difficult.

red sandstone
Red sandstone rocks


Helmets are always a good idea, but a DOT approved helmet is required for riders under age 18.

rocky sandstone trails
Diverse terrain

ATV Rentals and Guided Tours

If you don’t have your own ATV, there are plenty of rental companies in nearby Hurricane. You can either rent one to drive on your own or take a guided tour.

Sand Hollow rocky views
Vistas at OHV area

Accessing the OHV Staging Area

You do not need to pay to get into Sand Hollow State Park to access the ATV trails. There is a separate OHV staging area near the park where you can park your vehicle and trailer, if you have one.

Map of Sand Hollow OHV area
Location of OHV parking area

The maps above and below shows where we parked. We were at the “You Are Here” area on the map.

The staging area is a large gravel parking lot with direct access to the OHV trails. On Google Maps, it is listed as “Sand Hollow Trails.” You can see the gravel lot in the map below. It is shown by the red icon.

map to sand hollow trails parking lot
Park at the Sand Hollow Trails parking lot

Google Map of Parking Area

To find directions to the Sand Hollow Trails parking lot, use the interactive Google map below.

Final Thoughts

Enjoy your visit!

Sand Hollow State Park is only about 30 miles from Zion National Park. We visited both in the same trip, including hiking up to Scout Lookout, near Angels Landing.

There’s also a cool canyon called Crosby Canyon near Page, Arizona where you can ride your ATV right down to Lake Powell. It also has gorgeous scenery.

It gets really hot at Sand Hollow in the summer, so the best times to visit are in the spring and fall. We visited in April.