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Creede, Colorado: One of Colorado’s Hidden Gems

Creede, Colorado is a tiny mountain town with a rich historic mining history. Drive the 17-mile Bachelor Loop to visit old mines along the way.

Platoro Colorado: Planning Your Summer Escape for Camping and Outdoor Activities

Platoro, Colorado is a remote mountain town in southern CO. It is only accessible in the summer. See our dispersed camping site and other camping options and outdoor activities.

Alpine Loop Exploration in Silverton, Colorado via ATV

We rented an OHV and drove the Alpine Loop from Silverton over high mountain passes, through historic ghost towns, and Colorado's stunning mountains.
bannack ghost town

Bannack State Park: Montana’s Preserved Ghost Town

We visited the Gold Mine Ghost Town of Bannack, Montana at the Bannack State Park. See this historic frontier town including a saloon, jail, & more.