Grand Teton National Park entrance

Grand Teton National Park: Stunning Scenery in Wyoming

We visited the Grand Teton National Park for five days. We went hiking, rafted down the Snake River, and other fun outdoor activities. It is a stunning park to visit.
pryor mountain stallions fighting 4

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range – How to Visit the Mustangs in WY

Visit the wild mustangs in the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, only 1 1/2 hours from Yellowstone National Park. Camping nearby in the Pryor Mountains area allows an exploration of the wild horse range.
Museum of the Mountain Men

Museum of the Mountain Man: Fascinating History of Fur Traders in WY

We visited the Museum of the Mountain Man in Wyoming. It is a fascinating museum about the fur trade and rendezvous era of the US during the early 1800s.