Beautifully hand-crafted travel trailers made from wood are true works of art. These wooden travel trailers are gorgeous.

Making your own teardrop travel trailer from wood in the 1930s and 1940s was very popular. But since then, mass production of RVs has become the norm.

But not for these beauties. These wooden travel trailers are all hand-made with love. You can now order one of these for your own artisanal camping adventures!

Check out these beautiful trailers made by Hutte Hut, Big Woody Teardrop Campers, Homegrown Trailers, Casual Turtle Campers, Trekker Trailers, Silver Tears Campers, and Hillcrest Teardrop Campers.

Teardrop Trailer Companies

Hutte Hut

Hutte Hut trailer
Hutte Hut trailer (Credit: Hutte Hut)

The Hutte Hut trailers are works of beautiful works of art that you can buy to camp in. Craftsmen expertly craft and finish them with a durable, watertight wooden surface that is both functional and beautiful.

They design their wooden travel trailers to be aerodynamic, lightweight, and maneuverable. Hutte Hut uses modernist design and boutique manufacturing methods to make trailers, offering an innovative look for your next camping adventure.

The base model starts at $63,900.

Big Woody Teardrop Campers

Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Trailers bar setup (Credit: Big Woody Teardrop Trailers)
Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Trailers bar setup (Credit: Big Woody Teardrop Trailers)

The Big Woody Teardrop Campers are based on the teardrop trailer designs of the 1940s and 1950s. They design them to be lightweight so most cars can pull them without needing a large SUV or pickup truck.

The cabin is designed to sleep two people comfortably. A rear galley is the kitchen area.

As a bonus, Big Woody Teardrop Campers also sells teardrop trailer plans. If you’re handy, you could buy one of their plans and make your own little hand-crafted teardrop trailer.

The Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Campers are their top-of-the line trailers. They include double sinks in the galley kitchen  with a water pump, TV/DVD player, wine rack, side tables with patio lights, and electrical wiring. The closets are lined with aromatic cedar, in case you aren’t getting a woodsy enough aroma when camping in the woods.

The base price for the Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Camper is $13,789. Several other less expensive trailer options are also available from Big Woody.

Homegrown Trailers

Homegrown Trailers Timberline trailer
Timberline Trailer made by Homegrown Trailers (Credit: Homegrown Trailers)

Homegrown Trailers produces artisan, sustainable travel trailers for sale and rent. They currently offer two models of handmade wooden travel trailers. The Timberline model is the larger model they offer. It can be fitted with solar panels for generating power while off the grid.

The trailer has multiple layout options, including the choice of bunk beds or a dinette. It also has a wet bath with an indoor shower and toilet, along with a 23.5 gallon freshwater system and hot water.

The Homegrown Trailers Timberline trailer price starts at $49,995.

Casual Turtle Campers

Casual Turtle Campers Terrapin trailer
Casual Turtle Campers Terrapin trailer (Credit: Casual Turtle Campers)

The Terrapin trailer made by Casual Turtle Campers is similar in size and style to the small trailers of the 1950s and 1960s.  Casual Turtle Campers also makes truck campers and smaller trailers. They make all of their designs simple, comfortable, and attractive while keeping them lightweight and low-profile.

Western red cedar wood is used in the exposed exterior of all of their campers. It features a uniform wood grain and texture, a low rate of shrinkage, and superior resistance to decay, moisture, and insects.

All of their wooden travel trailers are handmade and built one at a time. The Terrapin trailer starts at $11,800. The company also makes several versions of truck campers and smaller trailers, all with similar looks to the Terrapin model.

(As of February 2019, Casual Turtle Campers is not taking orders for new trailers at this time.)

Trekker Trailers

Trekker Trailers gypsy wagon trailer
Gypsy wagon (Credit: Trekker Trailers)

Trekker Trailers makes beautiful, hand-crafted travel trailers that resemble gypsy caravans. The company also makes custom tiny houses on wheels. Their gypsy campers are custom built and hand crafted. You can customize them according to your design choices.

The company sells the gypsy campers as either a shell for $6,900 or customized with a number of add-ons. The prices are listed on their website for each of the add-ons that you may request, including items such as a lighting system, outdoor kitchen, and galvanized wash tub.

Prices for a customized, finished gypsy camper start at around $15,900.

(Trekker Trailers are also profiled in our post about RVs you can rent from Outdoorsy. See this post about unique RV rentals.)

Silver Tears Campers

Silver Tears Woodie Camper
Woodie Camper from Silver Tears Campers

Silver Tears Campers makes some beautiful wooden travel trailers. This version is their Woodie Camper, which is available in two sizes. It has a mahogany and ash exterior and a full or queen size mattress sleeping area on the inside.

Options include a hot water shower system, a port-a-potty, stainless steel propane stove, privy tent, camp kitchen, LED lighting, and additional customization options.

The Woodie Camper is just one in a line of campers from Silver Tears Campers. They also specialize in some beautiful high-end teardrop trailer bars so you can get your drink on.

Prices are not listed on their website.

Hillcrest Teardrop Campers

Hillcrest Teardrop Campers
Teardrop camper made by Hillcrest Teardrop Campers (Credit: Hillcrest Teardrop Campers)

Hillcrest Teardrop Campers focuses on building quality hand-crafted wood teardrop campers. Their specialty is building convertible rooftop teardrop campers. They make a mahogany version of their teardrop trailer that is built on a heavy duty trailer.

It includes a rear galley with storage and a kitchen area. The full marine grade vinyl convertible top open to reveal a fully screened opening so you can enjoy star gazing from the inside of your cute little teardrop trailer.

(As of February 2019, Hillcrest Teardrop Campers is not taking orders for new trailers at this time.)

Final Thoughts on Wooden Travel Trailers

These examples of artistically designed wooden travel trailers are inspirational. You can buy one of these or start construction on your own, if you are handy!