Have you ever seen a really cool, unique, one-of-a-kind RV and thought, “I wish I could have a week travelling around in that!” There are some really unique RV rentals out there!

Check out these awesomely unique RVs that you can rent from the owners by the day, week, or even month.

They’d be perfect for a special trip, festival, photo shoot, or any other time you want to enjoy living in a special RV!

All rates listed are current as of December 2018 on Outdoorsy.com.

These unique RV rentals include large Class A motorhomes, smaller Class C motorhomes, campervans, travel trailers, vintage campers, and more.

RV Rentals

The Royal Gypsy Wagon

Royal Gypsy Wagon
The Royal Gypsy Wagon exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
Gypsy Wagon interior
The Royal Gypsy Wagon interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Eustis, Florida
Rate: $75/night

Live like a real gypsy in the Royal Gypsy Wagon.

This cute little trailer sleeps four in one queen size and one full size bed.

This gypsy trailer comes with a coffee maker, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, refrigerator, microwave, hot plate, A/C, memory foam mattresses, and hot outdoor shower. It rents for $75/night out of Eustis, Florida and the owners will even deliver it within a defined geographic area.

The Ambo

The Ambo exterior
The Ambo exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
The Ambo interior
The Ambo interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Englewood, Colorado
Rate: $260/night

What could be more fun than showing up at the campground in your own personal converted ambulance – the Ambo?

This fantastic ambulance renovation sleeps two people comfortably in a king size bed.

The Ambo features luxury vinyl hardwood floors, a cedar ceiling, a high end fridge, a Webasto heater, a sick stereo system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a 12″ subwoofer and surround speakers. It is guaranteed to stand out and make for a truly unique camping experience.

The Burro

1984 Burro camper exterior
1984 Burro camper exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
1984 Burro camper interior
1984 Burro camper interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Studio City, California
Rate: $120/night

This cherry red little camper – the Burro – has been beautifully restored and sleeps four.

It includes a solar panel to help charge the deep cycle marine battery. This cute camper includes LED lighting throughout, a gas stove, refrigerator that runs on electricity or propane, and many other updates.

It is light at 1,300 pounds, meaning it can be towed by many types of vehicles.

“Coach Ella” Classic 1975 GMC RV

1975 GMC RV exterior
1975 GMC RV interior

1975 GMC RV exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)1975 GMC RV interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Huntington Beach, California
Rate: $185/night

This retro class A motorhome from the 1970s is perfect for camping along the California coast.

Coach Ella” comes with a fully stocked kitchen including a refrigerator, microwave, and stove. It also has a full size bed and a sofa-bed, so it sleeps four comfortably. It also has a bathroom and comes with a generator.

VW Westfalia Pop-Up Campervan

VW Westfalia campervan interior
VW Westfalia campervan exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
VW Westfalia campervan exterior
VW Westfalia campervan interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Costa Mesa, California
Rate: $189/night

This super cute 1979 automatic Volkswagen Westfalia pop-up campervan sleeps four adults comfortably.

It includes a refrigerator, sink, potable water tank, propane camp stove, and RV electrical and water hookups. This is the perfect campervan for cruising up and down the California coast. Its vintage exterior and interior are sure to turn heads.

1981 Blue Bird Bus

Blue Bird Bus exterior
Blue Bird Bus exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
Blue Bird Bus interior
Blue Bird Bus interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Lebanon, Ohio
Rate: $230/night

This 35 foot long Blue Bird bus is a classic!

It sleeps four adults comfortably and includes towels, linens, Keurig coffee maker, hot water, air conditioning, camp chairs, and intercom system, shower, and private bathroom. It makes for a comfortable stay at the campground in this rare retro RV bus.

Vintage Airstream Ambassador

1969 Airstream Ambassador exterior
1969 Airstream Ambassador exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
1969 Airstream Ambassador interior
1969 Airstream Ambassador interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Rate: $249/night

This gorgeous vintage Airstream Ambassador travel trailer was originally built in 1969 but has since been lovingly remodeled.

It includes sleeping for four people and includes all the modern living amenities. It has a solar charging system with deep cycle batteries and a pure sine inverter so you can live off the grid for a while when you’re on your camping adventure.

Lazy Daze Class C RV

Lazy Daze Class C RV exterior
Lazy Daze Class C RV exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
Lazy Daze Class C RV interior
Lazy Daze Class C RV interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Los Angeles, California
Rate: $89/night

If you’re looking for a retro 22 foot class C RV that’s easy to drive and get around in, this “Orange Julius” Class C may be what you’re looking for.

It’s a perfect size for driving around easily in most areas. It sleeps four adults, but has seating for up to eight adults. This fun time capsule features some original features that were custom ordered from the factory in 1984 and includes most of the creature comforts found today in more modern RVs.

EarthRoamer XV-LT

EarthRoamer XV-LT truck exterior
EarthRoamer XV-LT truck exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
EarthRoamer XV-LT truck interior
EarthRoamer XV-LT truck interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Rate: $325/night

For those looking for a really adventurous camping adventure, this EarthRoamer truck may be just what you’re looking for.

It is built on a Ford F-550 four wheel drive chassis, so it has enough power to go almost anywhere. It also has interior and exterior features to make your camping adventure as comfortable as possible, including solar and batter power, massive fuel and fresh water tanks, air ride suspension, a composting toilet, and more. If your camping trip includes any off-road sections, this may be what you need.

Vegas Style Movie Trailer

Vegas trailer exterior
Vegas trailer exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
Vegas trailer interior
Vegas trailer interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Rate: $193/night

This gigantic movie style trailer is two separate rooms with two separate entrances.

It is not designed for sleeping in, as it does not have any beds, but it is ready for all types of events. It comes with two full bathrooms, 65 inch TVs, microwaves, refrigerators, and even fireplaces. It may be just what you need for your next event. Talk about a unique RV rental!

Vintage Camper

Vintage camper interior
Vintage camper interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Caroga Lake, New York
Rate: $193/night

This adorable retro mid-century camper features an atomic starburst decor motif.

It includes many custom design features made specifically for this cute little camper. The owner will deliver and set up the camper for you, so you don’t need to tow the little trailer with your car or truck.

Vintage Class A Airstream Motorhome

Airstream Class A Motorhome interior
Airstream Class A Motorhome interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
Airstream Class A Motorhome exterior
Airstream Class A Motorhome exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Rate: $215/night

When many people think of Airstreams, they think of the classic Airstream travel trailer.

However, Airstream also made Class A motorhomes during the 1970s to 1990s. Lucky for you, these have withstood the test of time and you can now rent a classic Airstream Class A motorhome. This unique Airstream comes with air conditioning, a stove and range, refrigerator, bathroom, and more.

Trails West Campster

Trails West Campster exterior
Trails West Campster exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
Trails West Campster interior
Trails West Campster interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Gulfport, Florida
Rate: $58/night

This cute little Campster made by Trails West was originally designed to be pulled by a VW campervan bus.

This rare trailer was only built for two years. It sleeps two comfortably in a king size bed, which converts to a full size table. It includes an air conditioner, kitchen sink, outdoor propane grill, coffee maker, and more. It does not include a toilet, but most campgrounds have facilities available. It would make a unique RV rental for touring around to your favorite locations.

Converted School Bus

Converted school bus exterior
Converted school bus exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
Converted school bus interior
Converted school bus interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Rate: $128/night

This unique bus started its life as a school bus but it has been converted into an adorable Skoolie that you can rent for your next road trip.

This gasoline powered bus gets about 12 mpg with a 60-gallon gas tank. The bus sleeps two people comfortably and includes a stove/range, refrigerator, toilet, kitchen sink, battery power, and more.

2016 Winnebago Brave Class A Motorhome

2016 Winnebago Brave exterior
2016 Winnebago Brave exterior (Credit: Outdoorsy)
2016 Winnebago Brave interior
2016 Winnebago Brave interior (Credit: Outdoorsy)

Location: Elizabeth, Colorado
Rate: $350/night

One of the best aspects of this retro looking motorhome is that it looks so vintage.

But it’s not! This is a new 2016 Winnebago motorhome with all the modern conveniences one would expect. It comes with a vintage look and feel for those nostalgic for their retro motorhome. Yet it comes with all the modern amenities you might expect, so you don’t need to sacrifice anything on your road trip adventure. It sleeps eight people comfortably in its 33 feet length.


For even more unique RV rental options, be sure to check out Outdoorsy.com to see what other types of RVs are available for rental. There are many to choose from, including Class A motorhomes, vintage travel trailers, and custom rigs for your camping enjoyment.