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Healthy Camping: 14 Health Benefits of Camping from 50+ Research Studies

Healthy camping is good for you. Here are 14 health benefits of camping from 50+ research studies linking camping to improved physical, mental, and emotional health.
Airstream by the water

How to Negotiate RV Prices: Follow This Step-By-Step Guide for the Best Deal on...

Follow these 6 steps on how to negotiate the best price on a new RV from an RV dealer. You start with deciding exactly which RV you want, and end with negotiating the best price.
rest area

Sleeping at Rest Areas: Is it Legal in an RV? – A State By...

Any RV driver who has traveled long distances across the United States knows that sometimes you just want to stop overnight somewhere convenient to...
Vintage Class C RV

RV Depreciation: What You Can Expect With a New RV Purchase

RV depreciation can be considerable. This analysis shows that an Airstream travel trailer retained its value best over 15 years (43%), when compared to other RVs (22-23%).
Winnebago Travato Class B Motorhome

Best-Selling RV Brands in 2018

Find out which RV brands outsold the rest in the US market in 2018. Get the full list of best-selling RV brands for travel trailers, fifth wheels, and motorhomes, from Class A to C.
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RV Manufacturer’s Warranty Length by RV Brand

Before making your RV purchase, read up on RV warranties from manufacturers. Here are the RV warranty lengths in years by manufacturer.
Lee's Ferry Campground in Arizona

Is it Cheaper to Rent an RV or Stay in Hotels on a Road...

Calculate whether it cheaper to rent an RV vs staying in a hotel on your next road trip. Review our cost analysis of driving to Yellowstone National Park in an RV vs. personal car and hotels.
Cruise America Class C rental

How Much is an RV Rental for a Week? What It Really Costs!

Everything You Need to Know About RV Rental Costs. Learn more about saving here. We examine how much is an RV rental for a week and what it really costs!