The annual SandFest in Port Aransas, Texas, is a unique cultural event. It draws artists and visitors nationwide for a special reason. Here, beach sand transforms into elaborate sculptures. These are not simple sandcastles but intricate artistic creations.

The festival also offers live music, diverse food vendors, and activities for all ages. It’s a vibrant event, blending artistry with community engagement. Proceeds support local charities, adding to its appeal.

First place winner of SandFest during the building phase
First place winner of SandFest during the building phase

The Texas SandFest provides an unforgettable experience. It combines art, entertainment, and philanthropy against the Texas coast’s scenic backdrop.

Camping on the beach in Port Aransas would be great any time of the year, but as a bonus, we camped during the 2019 SandFest in our Airstream, right on the beach. Camping in our RV directly on the beach in Port Aransas during SandFest was fabulous!

3-Day Festival

SandFest is the largest sand sculpture competition in the USA. This internationally recognized 3-day family event draws sculptors and tens of thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

2019 Texas SandFest
2019 Texas SandFest

The festival has amazing sand sculptures that you can watch being sculpted from only sand and water, plus festival booths selling all kinds of beach gear and festival food.

The weather was perfect during our visit in 2019. Everyone was out enjoying the pleasant weather and sunshine.

Texas SandFest 2019 visitors in the food court area
Texas SandFest 2019

SandFest Sculptures

There were so many amazing sand sculptures being created over the three day SandFest festival. Below is a selection of some of the beautiful designs.

Sailor sand sculpture at sandfest
Sailor sand sculpture
Eagle sand sculpture at sandfest
Eagle sand sculpture
Elephant sand sculpture at sandfest
Elephant sand sculpture
Baby elephant and mother sand sculpture
Baby elephant and mother sand sculpture
Men sand sculpture at sandfest 2019
Men sand sculpture
Sea turtle sand sculpture in port aransas
Sea turtle sand sculpture
80s technology sand sculpture at sandfest in port aransas texas
80s technology sand sculpture at SandFest

Some of the sand sculptors had drawings or models of what they planned to create. This gave a great visual for what to expect for the completed design. Here’s the opposites attract design drawn out, followed by the actual sand sculpture creation.

Opposites attract sand sculpture design sketch
Opposites attract sand sculpture design
Opposites attract sand sculpture
Opposites attract sand sculpture

Others sand sculptors took themselves not so seriously. Here’s a group that has been designing and building a “sand potatoes” sand sculpture each year of the SandFest festival. They’ve built themselves a comfortable spot to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Apparently they’ve created this same design four years running and have perfected the art of being a sand potato.

Sand potato sand sculpture
Sand potato sand sculpture
Sand potatoes sculpture at sandfest 2019
Sand potatoes sculpture

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to SandFest and were incredibly impressed with the artistry on display. The sand sculptures were fabulous and each was so very unique.

If you go to SandFest in Port Aransas, consider camping right on the beach in your RV!