Returning from our recent journey to Cuba in June 2023, we couldn’t help but ponder the idea of exploring this stunning country from the comfort of an RV or campervan. There are RV rentals in Cuba.

We found one company that is currently renting RVs in Cuba.

But before diving into the excitement of RV rentals in Cuba, be sure to understand the basics of visiting this captivating destination.

Cuba is increasingly welcoming tourists, and many nationalities can enjoy its vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Havana in a convertible car
Touring downtown Havana, Cuba in a convertible

The Good About Visiting Cuba

What many in the US may not realize is that Cuba has always been a hot vacation destination for Canadians and Europeans who are most of their visitors.

It also used to be the playground of Americans in the 1950s.

This is likely because Cuba is home to gorgeous Caribbean beaches that are rated among the best in the world.

The Bad About Visiting Cuba

Cuba’s communist government is authoritarian, severely restricting civil liberties, economic freedom, and political dissent, with control over everything and everyone on the island.

Unfortunately, innocent Cuban residents are victims of the totalitarian regime and suffer as a result.

The country has been facing a severe crisis concerning food, medicine, electricity, water, gasoline, and basic supplies.

Due to their deteriorating living conditions, Cuban citizens are leaving their country in droves.

Pink convertible in Old Town Havana
Pink convertible in Old Town Havana

Visas for US Citizens

In 2016, the American government enabled Americans to visit Cuba under special travel authorizations.

In 2023, Americans can visit Cuba under the “Support for the Cuban People” travel license.

Although American policy prohibits citizens from doing business with any state-run facilities such as most hotels and restaurants, which we wouldn’t want to do anyway, we can support Cuba’s small private sector tourist infrastructure consisting of Airbnbs, restaurants, taxis, etc.

This is one way to support the Cuban people directly.

When we traveled, we picked up a Cuban visa at the airport in the United States at the departure gate. The price of the visa was included in our airfare.

We filled out some short paperwork at the gate and received a visa right before our flight departed. Be sure to check on the status of this before you leave, as the rules seem to be constantly changing.

Beautiful marble interior of building in Havana Cuba
Interior of old building in Havana

Important Considerations for RV Rentals in Cuba

There are a few key things that are important to know before you plan a trip to Cuba from the United States.

Cell Phones

U.S. cell phones will not work in Cuba.

There are options for buying a SIM card once you arrive in Cuba, but do your planning ahead as options are constantly changing.

ATM and Credit Cards

U.S. ATM and credit cards will not work in Cuba.

Cash is the way to go.

We found that most Cuban people prefer American dollars to the Cuban Peso, due to the dollar’s stability. We exchanged some US dollars for Cuban Pesos, but really did not need to.

If you do end up with Cuban Pesos, you will not be able to exchange it for US dollars when back in the United States.

Plan and Reserve Ahead

Without Internet access via your phone in Cuba, it will be difficult to plan your destinations, etc.

Be sure to do as much planning and reservations as possible before you go.

Also bring printouts of your plans, maps, etc, as you’ll likely need to travel old school style in Cuba.

Research your routes ahead of time. Be sure to know what tolls, stop points, etc that you’ll need to be aware of prior to your journey.

Get Current Information

Things are constantly changing in Cuba, so do not rely on information that you find on the Internet that is not current.

Things that were valid a year ago may not be the same when you travel.

The TripAdvisor Cuba Forum is fairly active, and a good place to ask questions and receive up-to-date responses.

Gasoline Shortages

When we visited in June 2023, there were massive shortages of gasoline.

People were waiting in long lines at gas stations, and many gas stations were closed.

Be sure to double check on the status of gasoline availability before you rent an RV in Cuba.

Due to the cost of gas (and taxis!), we took one of the many bike taxis to help us get around Havana. See the video below (which is at 2x speed – he’s not really pedaling that fast!). It shows the streets and buildings of Havana, which are in need of repair, but at one time must have been really beautiful.

YouTube video

Do Not Import Cuban Cigars or Rum

The U.S. does not allow Cuban cigars or rum to be brought into the U.S., even from a third country (e.g., bought in Mexico).

You could be looking at a fine of up to $55K!

Printed Guidebooks

Make sure you bring a printed travel guidebook and maps with you to help you manage your trip while in Cuba.

RV Rentals in Cuba

As of summer 2023, we only found one company that is currently renting RVs in Cuba: Daiquiri Tours. RV Hive is not affiliated with them in any way.

We reached out to them via email in July 2023 about renting an RV in Cuba, and received the following response:

We are pleased with your interest in our RVs, which are really the only ones in Cuba destined for rent to live Cuba making this comfortable and exciting type of tourism.

First of all I will tell you a little about our agency, Daiquiri Tours is a Tour Operator specialized in Cuba destination with more than 2 decades in the island, we also have offices in Italy and USA and representation in other countries.

The Cuba On The Road project arises with the objective of complementing the tourist offer with our own means such as our bicycles, motorcycles, jeeps, modern cars and the icing on the cake, the motorhomes.

All our Camper models are FIAT/DUCATO, with 2.3 Multijet 150 engine and automatic transmission with 6 speed gearbox.

As specialists in the destination we have contractual relationship with all the hotel chains in the country, extra-hotel, the novel and exceptional Casas Particulares and good relationships with local guides throughout the island, so we can organize any itinerary and specific experiences that interest our customers.

Cuba is known worldwide as a sun and beach destination, because what a sun and beach there is in Cuba! but the island is becoming more and more visible as a destination of culture, nature and history, where every corner has a secret to tell, and with our Campers you can reach all those corners.

Throughout the island we have installed parking areas where you can camp and supply the vehicle with water, charge electricity and evacuate solid waste. As well as consuming services in these facilities if you wish, at the customer's expense.

If you have any other questions you would like to ask, I am here to help you,

Once again, thank you for contacting us.

One key thing they mentioned is that “throughout the island we have installed parking areas where you can camp and supply the vehicle with water, charge electricity and evacuate solid waste.” This would obviously be an important facet of RV rentals in Cuba.

I followed up with another email to clarify what is offered, and this is Daiquiri Tours’ response:

We are pleased to hear from you. 

Of course, Daiquiri Tours has parking areas in several provinces of the island (see map attached) for the optional use of customers. These spots are updated on our website, where you can see the map with all the spots we currently have to offer.

All terms and conditions for the rental and use of our vehicles are clearly described on the web. To enjoy our RV's you only have to comply with these rules and know that Daiquiri can offer the Cuba you want to discover (cultural, nature, architecture and much more).

The clients can rent the camper and make a free tour or contact the agency to design a 100% tailor made program.

If you have any other questions you want to clarify you can write me and I will give you all the necessary information.

The map provided by Daiquiri Tours is below.

If you visit their website, you can click on each of the locations highlighted on the map to get its exact location in Cuba.

Map of RV rental camping locations in Cuba
Map of RV camping areas in Cuba, as supplied by Daquiri Tours

If you visit the Daiquiri Tours website, be sure to click on the globe in the upper right corner to change the language to English if needed. See the red circle in the image of their website below.

Daiquiri Tours RV rentals in cuba
Click on the English flag to change the Daiquiri Tours website to English.

As of October 2023, the Fiat Ducato camper listed on their website is available for 260.00 Euros per day (approximately $275 per day).

It can sleep four people, is automatic (rather than a manual stick shift), and has air conditioning.

We are not aware of any other companies providing RV rentals in Cuba, but it is possible that new ones are sprouting up. Things change quickly in Cuba.

Highlights of Our Visit to Cuba

Old Havana

We found Cuba to be a stunning country, with fabulous architecture and scenery.

We started in Havana where we stayed for three days in La Habana Vieja (Old Havana).

The video below is of Plaza Central Square in Old Havana.

YouTube video

This area is a UNESCO World Heritage site that boasts of stunning Spanish colonial architecture from the 16th to 19th centuries. It is considered to be one of the best-preserved colonial city centers in the Americas.

Although many of the buildings need repair, you can still imagine how beautiful the neighborhood was 100 years ago.

old havana buildings
Downtown Havana

Our Airbnb was housed in an early 1900s building in the neighborhood, flaunting a picturesque terrace with a view of the El Capitolio (National Capitol Building).

airbnb in havana
Our airbnb in Habana Vieja

The photo below is from the surrounding neighborhood, including La Floridita, the iconic bar and restaurant made famous by American author Ernest Hemingway.

Built in 1817, La Floridita is known for originating the daiquiri, Hemingway’s favorite drink. Hemingway frequently hung out here and even mentioned it in his books, including Islands in the Stream.

La Floridita bar made famous by Hemingway

La Cabana de Che Guevara (Che Guevara’s House)

We also stopped by where Che Guevara lived during his time in Cuba. The beige house at the end of the video below was his house. It’s now a museum that you can visit.

The view of Havana from this vintage shows just how large the city is.

YouTube video

Vintage Cars in Cuba

One of my personal favorite things about Cuba is the seriously cool mid-century American cars.

They’re literally everywhere.

We took a tour in one through downtown Havana. The short video below shows our vantage point.

YouTube video

Many in Cuba drive these beauties, ranging from shiny convertibles used by tour guides in Havana to beat-up cars that still somehow run.

red convertible in havana
Vintage convertibles parked in Plaza de la Revolucion

The video below was taken along the Havana Promenade.

YouTube video

The photo below is of the taxi (1954 Chevy?) we took from Havana to Vinales where the tobacco is grown for cigars.

1954 Chevy in Cuba

So, why does Cuba have all these classic wheels?

The answer lies in history. During the Cuban Revolution in 1959, many Americans left the country and abandoned their cars.

Then, in 1960, the U.S. imposed an embargo on Cuba, cutting off most trade between the two countries.

orange convertible havana
Orange and white vintage convertible in Havana

This meant that it became almost impossible for Cubans to import cars or car parts from the U.S.

So, they had to rely on maintaining and repairing the existing vehicles that were already in the country.

To keep the cars running, the Cuban people have been incredibly resourceful. They’ve repurposed and modified parts from different vehicles to keep them on the road, sometimes even using engines from Russian cars.

Vintage convertible in Vinales, Cuba

While we sat at a cafe in Vinales, we watched the daily traffic go by. The video below shows just how many of the cars are vintage American cars. It looked like a car show, but it’s just how people get around in Cuba.

YouTube video


Fusterlandia is a unique and surreal art installation located in Havana.

In the 1980s, Cuban artist José Fuster started transforming his own house with intricate designs crafted from broken tiles and glass bottles.

Fusterlandia in Havana

The video below shows the amount of work Fuster has put into his house.

YouTube video

But then his neighbors got in on the action, so now he has made the entire neighborhood into a funky kaleidoscope.

There’s everything from “Viva Cuba” written across smokestacks, a mosaic bus stop, displays of different countries on neighborhood walls, and numerous works featuring Fidel, Che, and other Cuban revolutionaries.

Fidel Castro in Fusterlandia

Vinales Valley

The Vinales Valley, located in western Cuba, is where nature’s splendor and the world’s finest cigars converge.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site showcases breathtaking landscapes, unique geological wonders, and rich cultural heritage.

The valley’s karst landscape has limestone formations called mogotes, which are exceptionally rare worldwide. The mogotes have towering walls and rounded tops that are visually striking.

Vinales Valley in Cuba

The Vinales Valley is renowned for its tobacco production, particularly the crafting of world-class cigars.

During our visit to a local family’s tobacco plantation, known as vegas, we learned about the process of tobacco cultivation, from planting seeds to harvesting leaves and delicately rolling them into cigars.

Horses in the Vinales Valley

We also took a short ride through the tobacco fields in Vinales Valley on horses to see the scenery. The video is below.

YouTube video

Varadero Beaches

Varadero is a beach area on Cuba’s Hicacos Peninsula. It is well developed with many hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. It clearly caters to tourists, most of whom seem to be European or Canadian when we visited the area.

The beaches are gorgeous, with white sand and clear blue, warm ocean water. By some counts, Varadero has some of the best beaches in the world.

We stayed there briefly on our trip. The video below shows just how beautiful the beach and water are.

YouTube video

Final Suggestion for RV Rentals in Cuba

During our visit to the country, we found beautiful surroundings and people who were kind, friendly, and welcoming.

If you’re planning to visit Cuba, consider packing an extra suitcase full of things we often take for granted, like over-the-counter medicines, soap, toothpaste, razors, toilet paper, clothes, shoes, batteries, or mobile phones. These items are needed more than cash.

(We also did a cost comparison of renting an RV or staying in hotels on a trip in the US that may be useful.)

We enjoy traveling in the United States, as well as internationally, including providing our experience in France in our Viking River Cruise Review.

If you rent an RV in Cuba, be sure to plan ahead. This is not a country for winging it or making travel plans on the fly. But it is a beautiful country with incredibly welcoming residents. It’s a fabulous place to visit and so different from our usual RV destinations.