It’s no secret that some great deals can be found at RV auctions.

For those seeking the freedom of the RV lifestyle without breaking the bank, used RV auctions can be a great opportunity.

Below we list 7 RV auction companies and provide a profile of each, including their inventory, processes, and purchase mechanisms. We also provide a link to each.

You can peruse their current listings to get a sense for what’s available and pricing.

KY auction
 Randal Bohannon farm auction on Bunk-Ellis Road in northeastern Shelby County. April 1988 (Photo: Kentucky Photo File, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED)

We also provide information on how RV auctions work, and tips for successful bidding.

RV Auction Companies

There are numerous one-off RV auctions that take place, usually as part of an auto auction or equipment auction.

AutoTrader lists many of these auctions on their website. The list changes frequently, so check back to see if there is one you may be interested in.

Below is a sample list of auctions from their website, listed in November 2023. The third listing includes RVs.

AutoTrader RV Auctions Website

auto trader rv auctions
Screenshot of AutoTrader’s list of upcoming RV auctions

If you do a search for “RV Auctions,” you will get many results.

These include one-off auctions that take place only once, as well as large auction houses that have auctions ending every day.

We compiled a sample of 7 auction websites that include RVs of various makes, models, and conditions. These auction websites are available all the time, rather than being a one-off auction that lists RVs.

The table below presents a summary of the auction houses we reviewed. Copart is clearly the biggest supplier of used RVs at auction. Details for each is listed below.

Sample of RV Auction Companies

AuctionLocationsNumber of RVs for Sale (Nov 2023)
AuctionTimeAnywhere in US38
Copart193 locations in US3,875
CrankyApe7 locations in AZ, GA, IN, MN, TX, & WA52
eBayAnywhere in US66
EquipmentfactsAnywhere in US88
Ritchie BrosAnywhere in US13
SalvageBidAnywhere in US329

For each of these seven auction sites, we provide an overview of the company, identify where they get their RVs to sell, list of locations, and RV selection available.

1. AuctionTime

AuctionTime specializes in the sale of agricultural, construction, and heavy equipment, but also incudes a search category for “RVs.” See below for a screenshot that includes a search category for “RVs” using the icon for an RV.

AuctionTime RV Auctions Website

auctiontime search for rvs
AuctionTime allows users to search for RVs using the RV icon.

AuctionTime RV Sources

The RVs up for auction on AuctionTime can come from a variety of sources. Common sources of RVs on this website include RV dealerships, individual sellers, rental companies, financial institutions, and fleet owners.

AuctionTime Locations

AuctionTime’s auction locations can be anywhere in the United States. The locations vary based on which auctions are open at any given point in time.

AuctionTime RV Selection

AuctionTime’s search filters includes a list of 38 RVs, broken out by Class As, fifth wheels, pop-up campers, travel trailers, teardrop trailers, and toy haulers. The number of RVs in each category is listed in the filter section in the bottom left corner of the screenshot below.

AuctionTime RV Auction Search Filters

rv search filter on auctiontime
AuctionTime’s search filters for RVs

2. Copart

Copart is a leader in online car auctions, featuring 1,000s of used, wholesale, and repairable vehicles.

In addition to cars, Copart offers a wide array of clean and salvage title RVs through their online auctions.

Copart RV Auctions Website

copart rvs for sale
Sample of RVs for auction on Copart’s website

Copart RV Sources

Copart obtains its inventory from sources such as insurance companies, financial institutions, and individuals who sell their vehicles to the company. These RVs may have clean or salvage titles.

Copart Locations

Copart has 193 locations across the United States. You can search their website by zip code to find a location near you. The auction website also allows you to filter by geographic area.

Copart RV Selection

Copart had 3,875 RVs listed for sale on their website, as of November 2023. These range in years from 1963 to 2024 models.

They have a good selection of vintage RVs, including a 1963 Airstream with hail damage, a 1968 Sunbeam camper with minor dents, and a 1971 Winnebago Indian truck camper with water damage.

3. CrankyApe

CrankyApe is an online auction company specializing in the remarketing of bank repossessed, insurance repairable, and consignment RVs.

CrankyApe specializes in various types of RVs, including ATVs, cars, motorcycles, RVs, snowmobiles, trailers, trucks, watercraft, and miscellaneous items. The company’s primary goal is to facilitate the sale of items listed on its website through online auctions.

CrankyApe RV Auctions Website

crankyape website screenshot in November 2023

CrankyApe RV Sources

CrankyApe acquires its vehicles, including RVs, through various channels. The company specializes in the remarketing of bank repossessed, insurance repairable, and consignment vehicles. 

CrankyApe Locations

CrankyApe has seven pickup locations for RVs bought on its website. RVs may be located at any of these locations, which is shown when you search on the website.

  • Georgetown, Texas
  • Goodyear, Arizona
  • Hastings, Minnesota
  • Michigan City, Indiana
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Spokane, Washington
  • Valdosta, Georgia
  • Weatherford, Texas

CrankyApe RV Selection

As of November 2023, CrankyApe had 52 RVs for sale on its auction website.

These represented a mix of travel trailers, fifth wheels, Class As, Class Cs, and living quarters horse trailers. Model years ranged from 1995 to 2022.

4. eBay

eBay is a well-known online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers, offering a vast range of products across diverse categories. Founded in 1995, it has become a go-to platform for both new and used items.

eBay includes both auction and buy-it-now type listings.

However, eBay doesn’t just sell home goods, used tools, clothes, books, and other items. It also features a large automotive marketplace, including RVs. It may not be the first place you think to look for an RV auction, but there are some good deals to be found.

eBay RVs for Sale at Auction

ebay rv auction
Screenshot of RVs available at auction on eBay

eBay RV Sources

eBay provides RV listings from private sellers and RV dealers. You can filter for either type of seller.

eBay Locations

The RVs for sale on eBay are available across the US. The location depends on where the seller is located.

eBay RV Selection

As of November 2023, eBay listed over 2,000 RVs for sale. Most of these were in the “Buy It Now” category, with a set price.

Filtering for RVs at auction, eBay had 66 results. Model years ranged from a 1967 Aristocrat Lo-Liner travel trailer, to a brand new 2024 Thor Challenger 37DS Class A motorhome.

Many of the RVs listed on eBay have reserve prices set, so the bids must get above the minimum amount decided by the seller in order for the deal to go through.

5. Equipmentfacts

EquipmentFacts is an online platform that facilitates the auction of various types of equipment, including farm equipment, construction equipment, commercial trucks, and RVs.

This website enables potential bidders to connect with sellers through various means, including phone, email, video chat, and popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Some auctions are held online, while others listed are on-site auctions. The on-site auctions also allow for live bids via the website, so you do not have to be in the physical location of the auction you’re interested in.

The website allows for extensive searching and filtering by type of auction, location, make/model, keyword, etc. A keyword search of “RV” provided 88 listings in November 2023.

Equipmentfacts RV Auctions Website

equipmentfacts rv auction
Equipmentfacts lists 88 RVs for sale, as of November 2023

Equipmentfacts RV Sources

The RVs listed for auction on Equipmentfacts vary, based on the specific auctions and sellers involved. For RVs, these can include rental companies, financial institutions, government agencies, private sellers, fleet owners, and others.

Equipmentfacts Locations

The website promotes auctions taking place all across the United States. Bidders do not have to be in the same geographic location to place a bid, including for on-site live auctions.

Equipmentfacts RV Selection

In November 2023, Equipmentfacts had 88 RV listings. These range from a 2008 Freedom Express Ford F450 RV to a 2023 Coachmen Clipper 12.0TD Max travel trailer.

6. Ritchie Bros

Ritchie Bros specializes in the sale of used equipment and assets across various sectors, including construction, agriculture, transportation, and more. With a history dating back to 1958, Ritchie Bros. has established itself as a trusted platform for buyers and sellers.

Ritchie Bros RV Auctions Website

ritchiebros auction
Ritchie Bros. front page of website

Ritchie Bros RV Sources

RVs on the Ritchie Bros website come from a variety of sources, including individual owners, dealerships, rental companies, financial institutions, and others.

Ritchie Bros Locations

Ritchie Bros operates globally, including auctions across the United States and Canada. The locations vary based on what is for sale at that time.

Ritchie Bros RV Selection

A search of RVs up for auction on the Ritchie Bros website showed 13 results. The RVs ranged from a 2023 Grand Design Transcend 235BH travel trailer, to a 2006 Keystone RV Cougar 276EFS travel trailer. The availability of RVs for sale varies based on the auctions that are live at any given point in time.

7. SalvageBid

SalvageBid is an online auction platform that primarily focuses on salvaged vehicles. A salvaged vehicle is one that has been damaged, often due to accidents, floods, theft recoveries, or other incidents.

These vehicles may have been declared a total loss by insurance companies. The process often involves insurance companies determining that the cost of repairs to bring the RV back to a fully functional and safe state exceeds a certain percentage of the vehicle’s pre-damaged value.

Salvage RVs can require a large investment to make road worthy again, but there are also some listings that require minimal work.

SalvageBid RV Auctions Website

salvagebid rv auction
Listing of 329 RVs for sale on SalvageBid’s website

SalvageBid RV Sources

The RVs available on SalvageBid typically come from situations where the vehicles have been declared salvaged by insurance companies.

SalvageBid Locations

SalavageBid has pickup locations located across the United States. The exact location is based on where the RV is located.

SalvageBid RV Selection

As of November 2023, SalvageBid had a total of 329 RVs listed for sale. These ranged from a 1969 Airstream travel trailer that had flood damage, to a 2023 Aliner Ranger 12 travel trailer that had extensive hail damage.

Discovering Vintage Gems: Restoring RVs Found at Auctions

One of the hidden treasures within the world of RV auctions is the opportunity to uncover and restore vintage RVs.

If you have a penchant for nostalgia and a desire to revive the glory of days gone by, auctions can be the perfect hunting ground for these classic gems.

A Haven for Vintage Trailer Fans

Auctions often showcase a unique collection of vintage RVs that hold the charm of a bygone era.

Whether it’s the iconic Airstreams of the mid-20th century or the classic camper vans from the ’60s and ’70s, these vehicles embody a timeless allure that resonates with fans eager to bring history back to life.

The screenshot below shows a sample of vintage RVs for auction at the Copart website. (More on Copart below.)

Copart Vintage RV Auctions Website

copart vintage rvs
A sample of vintage RVs for sale on the Copart website.

Restoration Projects Abound with RV Auctions

For those with a passion for hands-on projects, buying a vintage RV at an auction provides the ideal canvas for restoration.

These timeless vehicles may require some TLC, but the satisfaction of breathing new life into a piece of history is immeasurable. It’s not just about owning an RV; it’s about preserving and celebrating a piece of travel history.

Vintage Trailer Supply is a great option for finding restoration parts for vintage trailers.

vintage trailer supply

The Allure of Used RV Auctions

Cost-Effective Adventure

Used RV auctions offer a budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a brand-new RV.

Whether you’re an experienced traveler or new to the RV lifestyle, auctions offer a chance to purchase an RV at a significantly lower price than its original cost.

Diverse Selection at RV Auctions

Auctions feature a wide selection of RV types, including everything from small campers to large motorhomes. This variety ensures you can find something that matches your taste and travel requirements.

The excitement comes from uncovering hidden treasures among the many vehicles up for auction.

Buying an RV at an Auction

auction bid
Photo: City Year, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED

Types of RV Auctions

RV auctions come in two types: public and dealer.

Public Auctions

Public RV auctions are accessible to a broad audience. Anyone with an interest in purchasing an RV can participate in public auctions without extensive prerequisites.

Dealer Auctions

Dealer RV auctions are exclusive events, mainly serving professionals in the RV industry.

To participate in dealer auctions, you’ll need an RV dealer license and have to comply with specific credential, insurance, and business licensing requirements laid out by your state and/or county. Given the specialized nature of these auctions, it might be easier to work with an RV broker who can handle the licensing details and bid for you.

If you’re looking for a list of RV dealers in your area, check out our guide on 7 searchable RV dealer directories.

Plan Ahead for RV Auctions

When you’re looking to buy an RV at an auction, there are a few crucial things to remember:

First off, make a plan for which RVs you’re interested in and decide which one you really want the most.

Also, steer clear of getting caught in bidding wars. It’s vital to know when to bow out and consider a different RV. Make sure to set a budget for yourself to avoid going overboard and spending too much on an RV.

You can review estimated NADA values on the J.D. Power website for free.

The condition of the RV you are considering is a big factor. It will greatly affect how much money you have to put into it to get it in shape for travel. (You may also like our post about RV Depreciation.)

Auction bidder holding up a bidding number
Auction bidder #663 (source: Ravenelartgroup)

Auction Considerations

Access to Vehicle History Reports

A lot of auction houses offer vehicle history reports, which can give you a good look into an RV’s background.

This info is super helpful when you’re deciding to buy, since it can show you things like if the RV’s been in accidents, its maintenance history, and other important details. With this knowledge in hand, you can bid more confidently, knowing exactly what you’re investing in.

Another very useful tool is the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s VINCheck Lookup website.

VINCheck is a free service for the public, helping identify vehicles with potential insurance theft claims, unrecovered status, or salvage reports from participating NICB member insurance companies. Use the vehicle identification number (VIN) for up to five searches per IP address within a 24-hour period.

rv inspection report
RV inspection report


In most cases, auction companies will allow potential buyers to inspect an RV before bidding.

Be sure inspect the RV to ensure that it is in good condition and worth the price. This hands-on approach ensures that you are well-informed about the condition of the vehicle, helping you make a more confident bid.

One of the most common types of damage to RVs is water damage, which can be very hard and expensive to fix. Water damage can cause staining, discoloration, and soft spots in the RV. 

Another type of damage that can occur is from accidents or collisions, which can cause structural damage to the RV. 

Neglect and lack of maintenance can also cause damage to an RV, such as worn-out tires, rusted parts, and mechanical issues. Be sure to check for these before you bid on any particular RV listing.

It may be worth the cost to have the RV inspected by a professional. The National RV Inspector Association provides certification and credentials for professional RV inspectors across North America. You can search their website for certified RV inspectors in your area.

Reserve Price

In an auction, a reserve price is a minimum price that a seller is willing to accept for an item.

It is typically set by the seller before the auction and is usually kept confidential from bidders. Sometimes it is posted on the auction listing, but frequently not.

Buyer’s Fees

Buyer’s fees in RV auctions are additional costs that buyers need to consider when purchasing an RV. These fees are typically charged by the auction company and are added to the winning bid.

The common rates for buyer’s fees at RV auctions can vary but are generally in the range of 5% to 10% of the winning bid.

Payment and Financing

bid keyboard
Image: Stanislav Rishniak

RV auctioneers accept several financing and payment options, but it depends on the specific auctioneer. Some options include:

  • Cash: Usually customers pay for their RV outright with cash or a check. This is the simplest form of payment, but it may not be an option for everyone.
  • Loans: Loans are sometimes available from the auctioneer, or the buyer can secure payment from a bank. This can be complicated, as many RVs at auctions would not qualify for a traditional RV loan.
  • Credit cards: Some auctioneers will accept credit cards. There is sometimes a credit card fee of about 3%.

RV Pickup or Delivery

RV auctions usually require buyers to pick up the RV after the auction within a given time frame, but it depends on the auction company’s policies.

Some auction companies may offer delivery services for an additional fee, while others may require buyers to arrange for their own transportation.

RV Title

Whether or not RVs at auction have clear titles can vary depending on the auction company and the state in which the auction is taking place. In some cases, the RV may have a clear title, while in other cases, the title may be missing or have a lien on it.

Check with the auction company beforehand to determine the status of the RV’s title.

Return Policy

Return policies at RV auctions can vary depending on the auction company’s policies. Some auction companies may allow returns within a specific number of days, but most others do not allow returns at all, and sell the RV in an “as is” condition.


Going through the world of used RV auctions is an exhilarating journey for adventure seekers and budget-conscious travelers alike.

From the thrill of live bidding to the satisfaction of customizing your new home on wheels, auctions offer a unique and cost-effective way to join the RV lifestyle.

With careful research, a set budget, and a dash of adventurous spirit, you might just drive away with the RV of your dreams. So, rev up your engines and get ready to bid your way to the open road!