Matrimony Springs is a natural water spring close to downtown in Moab, Utah. It delivers fresh, clean spring water out of the red rocks that you see a lot in this area.

Access to Matrimony Springs
Access to Matrimony Spring

The spring is constantly running and a culvert takes the water under the road and into the Colorado River.

The stream of water that is constantly running makes it easy to find. You will need to crouch down under the red rocks in order to access the spring water.

Matrimony Springs in Moab
Matrimony Springs in Moab


Matrimony Springs is pretty easy to get to because it’s right by the road as you come into Moab.

It is located on Highway 128, up about 100 yards from Highway 191 on the right side in the red rock.

The Google map below shows its exact location.

There are parking spaces available in a small pullout spot next to the road.

The parking pullout is right after the signs that say “Castle Valley 17” and “Camp only in campgrounds next 30 miles.”

This is the same road used to access the Morning Glory Arch and Goose Island Campground in Moab.

Parking pullout along Highway 128 for Matrimony Springs
Parking pullout along Highway 128 for Matrimony Spring
Matrimony Springs parking area in Moab
Matrimony Springs parking area

History of Matrimony Springs

Matrimony Springs was originally called “River Spring,” but the name was changed to Matrimony Springs due to stories about its “magical” properties. According to local folklore, if a young couple drinks from the spring, they will fall in love and remain faithful to each other forever. 

Another folklore version says that anyone who drinks from the spring will keep returning to Moab. This must be true as we have drunk from the spring and keep coming back to Moab!

Water Quality and Usage

The spring water is clear, cool, and tastes great. However, be sure to check with others about the quality of the water before you drink it.

We have drank from Matrimony Springs without filtering the water and have never had an issue, so we believe it is safe. But do not take our word for it. Please do your own homework to see if it still safe to drink.