We love the Harvest Hosts program! I simply can’t say enough good things about it. We’ve written Harvest Hosts reviews for many of the locations we’ve visited so far. These four Harvest Hosts locations were some of our favorites.

Harvest Hosts is a unique program. It provides RV owners the opportunity to stay overnight at wineries, farms, and attractions. This is across the United States, Canada, Alaska, and Baja California.

There are currently over 5,000 host locations in these four areas.

Membership costs $99/year but then there is no cost to stay at any of the sites. You can receive a 15% discount for by using the discounted link below.

4 Harvest Hosts Reviews

See our review of the Harvest Hosts programs with four of our stays summarized below.

For campers who enjoy the outdoors, Harvest Hosts offers stays at wineries, farms, and attractions across the US, Canada, and Baja California.

So far, we’ve stayed in our Airstream at 1) a winery in the north Georgia mountains, 2) a goat dairy farm in the Wisconsin countryside, 3) the Museum of Clean in Idaho, and 4) an alpaca ranch in southern Colorado.

(If you are interested in joining Harvest Hosts, see this link to Harvest Hosts and you’ll receive 15% off an annual membership price of $99.)

The hosts introduce RV owners (and renters!) to their way of life and products through the Harvest Hosts program.

Harvest Host members don’t pay hosts directly. Instead, RV guests are encouraged to purchase at least $20 of the hosts’ products.

In our experience, hosts offer amazing products. We’ve always enjoyed purchasing and typically spend well over the suggested $20 amount. We would likely have made these purchases anyway as visitors to the hosts’ location. We’ve found their products to be superb.

If not for Harvest Hosts, we wouldn’t have known about these fantastic locations and probably would never have visited them.

To give you an idea, here are details about four visits with Harvest Hosts locations. Hopefully these Harvest Hosts reviews will give you an idea of what you can expect if you join the program.

Harvest Hosts Visit #1: Hightower Creek Vineyards, Hiawassee, Georgia

Our Airstream in a vineyard as part of the Harvest Hosts program
Our Airstream camped by the Hightower Creek Vineyards

Our first experience with Harvest Hosts was at Hightower Creek Vineyards in Georgia.

We’ll admit, we were a bit skeptical about a winery in Georgia, given the much better known regions of Napa, Sonoma, and others on the west coast.

But our fears were definitely unfounded.

Our hosts were incredibly gracious, allowing us to park under a tree by a gurgling brook next to one of their vineyards.

It was beautiful. We had a fabulous time tasting their wines with humorous names such as Deliverance — a reference to the movie by the same name that was based in this area of north Georgia.

The north Georgia mountains are beautiful. The vineyard was located in the quaint town of Hiawassee, offering outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, boating, fishing, and more.

We spent the second day of our visit on a hike to a gorgeous waterfall.

At this Harvest Hosts location, we supported our host by purchasing glasses of wine during their tasting hours. We also bought several bottles to enjoy later at home.

More details about our Harvest Hosts stay at Hightower Creek Vineyards.

Harvest Hosts Visit #2: LaClare Family Creamery, Malone, Wisconsin

Goat Milking Time at a Harvest hosts location
Goat Milking Time

Our second Harvest Hosts experience was at a family-run goat dairy farm in Wisconsin near the banks of Lake Winnebago.

The LaClare Family Creamery focuses on goat milk products such as their award-winning cheeses.

The creamery has 800 diary goats, which is a lot of goats! We were able to feed young goats, watch the goat milking process, dine in their fabulous farm-to-table restaurant, and also bike down to Lake Winnebago to enjoy the Wisconsin countryside.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and interacted with some of the friendly locals who live in the area.

The goat cheese that the dairy farm produces is simply amazing and we can understand why it has won so many awards.

At this Harvest Hosts location, we supported our host by dining in their farm-to-table restaurant and then purchasing a selection of their fabulous cheeses.

The cheese curds in their restaurant were to die for, so I highly recommend those!

It’s also easy to taste why their cheeses are award-winning too! We stocked up on lots of feta cheese and enjoyed eating it the rest of our RV trip.

Read more about our Harvest Hosts stay at LaClare Family Creamery.

Harvest Hosts Visit #3: The Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho

Testing vintage vacuum cleaners at the Museum of Clean
Testing vintage vacuum cleaners at the Museum of Clean

Our third experience with Harvest Hosts was a visit to the Museum of Clean in Pocatello, Idaho.

This is an entire museum devoted to cleaning and covers four large floors in a renovated building in downtown Pocatello.

The museum was founded by Don Aslett, who is a world-renowned cleaning expert. He grew his collection of approximately 300 cleaning apparatuses to over 10,000 vacuums, washing machines, brooms, and more that are now on display in the museum.

The museum has an extensive collection of cleaning-related items. It offers an interesting vantage point for exploring a mundane topic.

The museum displays have humorous information to make the topic of cleaning more interesting, including displays of sculptures made from cleaning supplies and machines, trivia about cleaning, as well as an entire floor devoted for children.

At this Harvest Hosts location, to support our host we purchased our museum entrance tickets.

Read more about our Harvest Hosts stay at the Museum of Clean.

Harvest Hosts Visit #4: Pleasant Journey Alpacas, Hesperus, Colorado

Mother and baby alpaca at a harvest hosts location
Mother and baby alpaca

Our fourth Harvest Hosts visit was was one of our favorites.

We stayed at Pleasant Journey Alpacas in southern Colorado and got to visit with 80 adorable alpacas, one llama, and their guard dogs.

The gracious hosts gave us a tour of the alpaca ranch, explained how they care for the cute alpacas, and even let us meet a newborn alpaca who was born just four hours before our arrival.

We parked our Airstream in an area overlooking the “maternity ward” of the alpaca ranch, an area where mother alpacas and their young stay together. The alpacas are all grouped by sex and kept in separate areas with friendly guard dogs to protect them.

Alpacas have to be one of the cutest animal species around, and these little guys and girls did not disappoint.

Alpacas are timid creatures, but they are also very curious, and several of them followed us around and posed to get their picture taken.

At this Harvest Hosts location, to support our host we purchased several of the alpaca products made from alpaca fleece, including an incredibly warm scarf that was crocheted by one of the owners from an alpaca that we met on the ranch, a beautiful pair of knitted fingerless gloves, and a super cozy pair of alpaca fleece socks.

Read more about our Harvest Hosts stay at Pleasant Journey Alpacas.

Summary of 4 Harvest Hosts Reviews

We are the type of campers who really love to get out and meet new people and have new experiences in different places.

Harvest Hosts has provided us with the opportunity to do this as we camp with our Airstream. How else might we be able to sleep among grapes growing in a vineyard, 800 dairy goats, 10,000 cleaning apparatuses, or 80 alpacas?

If you’re interested in joining the Harvest Hosts program, please see the Harvest Hosts link here to save 15% off your annual membership fee. You can also give Harvest Hosts as a gift membership to your favorite RV’ers!