Composting while on the road combines the adventure and freedom of road life with sustainable living practices, enriching the exploration experience. But finding places to dispose of your food waste can be a challenge. Here we outline 7 types of locations that will accept your food scraps while traveling.

The availability of food scrap drop-off points varies widely by location, so you will need to research and plan ahead before your trip to find suitable options for composting your food waste.

Locations that Accept Kitchen Scraps from Travelers

See below for 7 ways to find locations to drop off your kitchen scraps while traveling.

1. Local Composting Facilities

City of Kirkland, Washington, Community Food Scrap Drop-Off Program

Many cities and regions have their own composting programs and facilities.

You can check with local government websites or waste management agencies to find information about drop-off locations.

For example, check out the food waste recycling programs in the City of South Portland in Maine or the City of Kirkland in Washington.

2. Community Gardens

Community gardens often accept food scraps from those traveling.

You can inquire about drop-off opportunities at community gardens in the locations you’re visiting.

A good source to find community gardens is the American Community Garden Association website, which has a searchable map of community gardens across the United States and other countries.

You can also search community gardens using the ShareWaste app and website listed below.

searchable community garden map
Searchable map for community gardens from the American Community Garden Association website

3. Urban Farms

Urban farms often accept food scraps for composting.

If you’re planning to be in an urban area, you can search for urban gardens using the Urban Farming website.

You can also search for farms using the ShareWaste tool listed below.

map of urban gardens
Searchable map from the Urban Farming website

4. Eco-Friendly Apps and Websites

Some mobile apps and websites, such as “ShareWaste” connect those with food scraps to individuals or community composters willing to take them.

You can also conduct searches for locations that will accept food scraps on the map on their website.

Below is a map of Asheville, NC with the ShareWaste locations identified.

sharewaste map
Searchable map of locations that will accept kitchen scraps on the ShareWaste website

5. Social Media and Online Forums

Local social media groups and forums might provide information on drop-off points and opportunities for travelers looking to compost food scraps.

Try searching on FaceBook, Craigslist, or other websites.

6. Farms and Farmers’ Markets

In rural areas, local farms and farmers’ markets may accept food scraps for composting; it’s advisable to call in advance.

The USDA’s Farmers Market Directory offers a user-friendly searchable database with vital information on markets where multiple farm vendors directly sell agricultural products to customers, including filters for farmer’s markets and on-farm markets.

The ShareWaste website and app also allow you to search for farms that accept kitchen scraps for composting.

usda local food directory
Searchable directory on USDA’s Farrmers’ Market Directory on their website

7. Eco-Conscious Cafes and Restaurants

Some environmentally-minded eateries may have composting programs and may accept food scraps from travelers.

Final Thoughts: Kitchen Scrap Disposal on the Road

Integrating composting into your travel lifestyle not only contributes positively to the environment but also enriches your traveling experience through engagement with local communities and a deeper understanding of sustainable living practices.